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Update on the Maliseet Canoe

Family grateful university is giving canoe back with no strings attached

from The Daily Gleaner

The Maliseet canoe is being returned! The “no strings attached” detail is important here. The saga of the return of the G’psgolox totem pole was complicated in part due to the conditions set in place by the Swedish museum returning the pole.

In fact, the community has decided to build a museum to house the canoe, but it’s important that they have the opportunity to do this of their own accord.

The article also features another positive consequence of this repatration:

“It’s a dying art. Right now, only a handful of us are building canoes in that manner,” he said.

He’s hopeful that the canoe’s return will renew interest in the know-how of his ancestors.

His father Wayne Brooks said the community has been galvanized by word the canoe is being returned

Repatriation is not only about getting objects back, it’s about preserving cultural practices and communities. Repatriated objects have the capacity to revitalize community interest in their cultural heritage, and strengthen indigenous communities.


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