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Cultural Policy Research Institute

I’ve been trolling around the CPRI website today after reading about it on Looting Matters and I thought it was interesting to see the issues the CPRI has decided to focus on in 2009:

1. Determining the number of artistically and academically significant, privately-owned objects in the United States that are currently excluded from acquisition by US museums.

2. Developing different models for a registry that can be applied to privately-owned objects.

3. Exploring ways to harmonize US laws and regulations that apply to transfer and ownership of antiquities.

4. Exploring the effect of source country policies on damage to archaeological sites and objects.

I don’t know much about the institute but I’m looking forward to seeing more discussion on these issues


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My visual journal


Here is the front splash of the visual journal I am working on for ANTH 433, the same class that this blog project is for. I love a good collage! The rest of the book consists of news clippings, thoughts, drawings, etc. It was the inspiration for this project. I basically looked at my journal and realized that this it was constructed like a blog, so the transition was simple. I’ll be able to use links and videos here too, which is a plus. But this is where it all started!

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Mission Statement

Welcome to Allowed To Return! Read more about why this blog exists on the About page, or read on for the blog’s mission statement.

In this blog, I will:

-Feature recent and developing news stories concerning repatriated cultural material, claims for repatriation, museum policies or legislation.

-Go beyond the headlines and look at repatriation through published research, audio and video resources, as well as foster conversation about the issues concerning repatriation.

I will strive to:

-Portray issues of repatriation and the parties involved in them in a fair and objective manner.

-Be transparent and acknowledge that, as a student who is constantly learning, I may be subject to biases which I will do my best to correct, or at least hold them up for examination.

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