Lawsuit Renews Mystery of Geronimo’s Skull


Lawsuit Renews Mystery of Geronimo’s Skull

Josh Kovner

The Hartford Courant, February 19, 2009

Just before the Presidential Inauguration this year, on the 100th anniversary of Geronimo’s death, his descendants filed a complaint asking for his bones, which had allegedly been stolen from his grave, to be returned.

That’s not all though. The bones were rumoured to have been stolen by Yale’s infamous Skull and Bones secret society. Since the society doesn’t fall under the rule of NAGPRA, the plaintiffs have had to use other tactics to get their complaint heard. From the news coverage I’ve seen on this issue, the main focus has been on the involvement of Prescott Bush. The complaint pointedly describes him as the father of Bush 41 and the grandfather of Bush 43. The complaint also names United States President Barack Obama as a defendant, since Geronimo was buried on federal military land.

The complaint tells Geronimo’s story and recounts the rumours about the Skull and Bones theft, asking for all of Geronimo’s remains to be returned. Read the full 32-page document below.

Unfamiliar as I am with the US judicial system, I’m not sure if a complaint is the same as a court case, or if this issue will ever make it to court. It’s interesting to see a repatriation claim play the publicity game so well. This story could so easily have been lost at the back of the newspaper, but the week it broke it seemed like everybody was talking about it. It even made it onto Doonesbury.


The story of Geronimo being so dear to my heart, expect more on this, if there are any developments.



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